We are the young , enthusiastic, passionate team who are practically experienced with technical qualification having more than 15 + years’ experience in techno transport industry and also being continuously working closely with more than 450 + fleet operators across India.


“With passion in our heart, talent in our mind and experience in our hands” we have better understood the problems and the practical challenges involved in fleet management. As a transformative impact we have come with an unique turnkey product “FLEETOP”.

“FLEETOP” is a complete end to end fleet operation and maintenance.

“FLEETOP” renders everything which we need to maintain and operate the fleet of any size and any types from anywhere. Mayhap with FLEETOP it has become easy to control the chaos of fleet operation software.


Its Good, before we answer this, let me ask few basic questions for you for better understanding.

Do you still use traditional approach to manage your fleet operations?

Do you find difficulty in maintaining your vehicles?

Do you still manage your company's fleet manually?

Are all your fleet and resources are utilized to the maximum?

Is all your departments, branches and users are connected?

Do you have any ready accesses to your fleet data and reports?

Is you fleet expenses and income are in control?

Do you have control on Fuel and tyre usage?

Do you have ready P & L reports?

Are your drivers and their driving behavior are tracked regularly?

Have you linked all the different applications used to track, operate and maintain your fleet into to a single platform?

Can you do quick analysis and take decisions easily?

Have you adopted the industry best practices?

Do you have any end to end application to to maintain the entire fleet activities?

If your answer is
NO!! Then
WE say YES!!

Yes, “FLEETOP” is the solution for all these common problem faced by almost all the fleet operators.


Tune Fleetop to your FLEET'S needs with our Flexible, Powerful FLEET management system




Pull or Push data into FLEETOP or into any other systems and applications in real time with the help of FLEETOP WEBFLIX.

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